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  • Brendan Sonnone

Marquez White, overlooked in college, is making NFL noise

Florida State cornerback Marquez White has remained largely enigmatic nationally for the last two seasons.

That is a blessing and a curse that comes when opponents ignore you.

White’s career at FSU will end Dec. 30 when the No. 11 Seminoles play No. 6 Michigan in the Capital One Orange Bowl, and it will likely end quietly, which is appropriate. The Alabama native doesn’t necessarily love the lack of attention, but at the same time, being overlooked is somewhat of a badge of honor. Because as a cornerback, being avoided is a good thing.

“I feel like I don’t get the recognition because I don’t get thrown the ball, so I don’t make those crazy, spectacular plays,” White said.

White has a plan, however. In fact, he’s had one for some time and he’s followed it closely this past year. He opted not to declare for the NFL draftlast season to return for a senior campaign. Much like last year, White’s name wasn’t called much, but opponents often had little success when throwing the ball his way. White’s hope is that pro teams took notice, which seems to be the case as he was invited to play in the Senior Bowl following the season.

“I just learned a lot more about myself as a player,” White said. “There were certain things I really needed to get better at before I make that next step. And being able to come back, bonding with my teammates, the young guys in the secondary, they mean a lot to me. ...Coming back and developing into a leader, my senior year I came back and it went as planned, mostly.”

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