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Mixon Hosts Youth Football Camp in Oklahoma

Just a few short months ago Joe Mixon led the Sooners to a Sugar Bowl win.

Today he led a different group of guys on the field at his first football camp in Oklahoma.

Teaching tomorrow’s football stars is something the new Cincinnati Bengal has always looked forward to.

“It’s a great feeling,” Mixon said. “I’ve dreamed about this all my life. I’ve always wanted to help little kids. That’s what I plan on doing, continuing on doing. I’m just going to keep doing whatever I need to do to be a positive influence on these little kids.”

Today’s event isn’t his first go at guiding youngsters, and he says, it won’t be his last chance to coach up kids.

“The first one was actually great,” Mixon said. “It was actually in my hometown of Oakley. It was fun. We had a lot of fun. A lot of kids coming out and supporting, and a lot of parents too. We had a great time, it was fun and I enjoyed it very much."

For the football fans curious how Joe’s run at the NFL’s going, he says, his on the field work isn’t the hard part.

“The biggest transition for me is the playbook,” Mixon said. “It’s very expanded compared to college, but for the most part it’s all mental up there. At the end of the day it’s all football and everybody’s good just like how you are. What you do up there is how you separate yourself, and if you separate yourself good then I’m sure you’ll succeed."

Mixon coached up kids for several hours in the sun this morning before stopping to sign autographs and take pictures.

As for the on the field portion of the event, he ran all that himself.

Teaching and kidding around with the 40 or so campers.

After all he’s been through the former Sooner standout says, Oklahoma is still a very special place.

“It’s home,” Mixon said. “It will always be home for me. I appreciate everybody for coming out and supporting what I do. I had fun with the little kids, and just gave them a chance to come out here and have fun and compete.”

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