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‘Never in 30 years’: Agent explains how Randy Gregory’s Cowboys deal imploded

Randy Gregory’s agent is elaborating on the defensive end’s sudden change of course on Tuesday, when he dropped the Cowboys for the Broncos.

In an interview Tuesday with Pro Football Talk, Peter Schaffer recapped the dizzying events that transpired earlier this week, beginning Monday, when a deal between the Broncos and Gregory was essentially wrapped up. The Cowboys, however — namely owner Jerry Jones — made an 11th-hour pitch, which appeared to sway the 29-year-old to remain in Dallas.

The salary forfeiture language in the Cowboys’ contract to Gregory is where the apparent breakdown began, according to Schaffer, which would void guarantees if fined.

“No other teams have that language in their contracts. No other teams. Never in 30 years have I seen that language,” Schaffer said.

Although teams typically void guarantees with suspensions, the Cowboys do this in the event of a fine as well.

Gregory was apparently irked, according to Schaffer, who gave the Cowboys a chance to remove the language, which the team didn’t do. Though Dallas is said to use the clause in the team’s contracts, Schaffer said he discovered it’s not included in quarterback Dak Prescott’s deal.

Schaffer also told Pro Football Talk that the language was not featured in previous proposals from Dallas.

Ultimately, Gregory — who has faced past suspensions from the league – agreed to a five-year, $70 million deal with the Broncos, which includes $28 million guaranteed.

The Cowboys, meanwhile, appear to have set their sights on recent Super Bowl champ, Von Miller, who previously teased a potential Broncos reunion.

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