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Peter Schaffer

Founder, President, Certified NFL Agent

Peter Schaffer is a renowned sports agent who has redefined standards of sports representation. With decades of experience, he has consistently demonstrated his commitment to his clients and deep understanding of the sports industry. Schaffer has represented a diverse roster of athletes from various sports, ranging from rising stars to established legends. He real relationships with his clients and understands their individual needs, helping them achieve success both on and off the. Schaffer is also committed to empowering individuals and encouraging involvement in charitable endeavors and community initiatives to positively impact society.

Peter Schaffer

Peter's Upbringing:

  • Born and raised in Upstate New York, Cortland NY

  • Attended the prestigious Hill School in Pottstown PA

  • Graduated in 1980 with honors. 

  • Attended Franklin & Marshall University (est 1787)

  • Graduated in 1984 with honors

  • Played varsity lacrosse and hockey. 

  • Graduated at the top of his class from Law School.

  • Played professional Lacrosse for the Denver Rifles

  • NFL agent for 25 years

  • Named “Top 10 Agents in the NFL”  -Street and Smith’s Business Journal

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Peter Schaffer

Peter by the Numbers:

  • Negotiated over $1 Billion in contracts and growing by the day

  • Represented 5 Hall of Fame Clients: (William Roaf, Barry Sanders, Steve Atwater, Jerome Betis, and Joe Thomas) 

  • Negotiated contracts making 8 Players the Highest Paid at their Position

  • Represented Countless All Pro and Pro Bowl Players

  • Represented 2 of the 5 Players who Made 10 Pro Bowls in in their first10 Years


  • Represents Numerous NFL Coaches

  • Represents NFL General Managers

  • Represents several national sports media members

Peter Schaffer has been a certified NFL agent for over 30 years. He has negotiated over one billion dollars in contracts and has had the honor of representing multiple Hall of Fame greats, such as Barry Sanders, Jerome Bettis, William Roaf, Steve Atwater and Joe Thomas.


In addition to players, Schaffer represents numerous NFL coaches, general managers, and national sports media members as his clients.


He has been named “Top 5 Agents in the NFL” by Street and Smith’s Business Journal.


In addition to being an agent, Schaffer is highly regarded as an expert on the business of sports, appearing on ABC Nightly News, Fox Sports, the Dan Patrick Show, HBO Real Sports and 60 Minutes. He has also co hosted shows on KFFN (Denver) and Altitude Sports Network. His thoughts on the NFL can be read regularly in his national column for the Washington Post’s “Inside the League.” He has served as a Professor of Sports Law at the University of Denver, and has lectured at Tulane University Law School, University of Colorado Business School, Mount St. Mary's University, Johnson and Wales University, University of Colorado Law School and the University of New York-Cortland among others.

Additionally Schaffer  has also served as Chairman of the Denver Cable Commission and the Denver Professional Lacrosse Commission. He is a member of the Agent Advisory Board of the NFL Players Union and is a member in good standing of both the NFLPA and NHLPA.


He resides in beautiful Denver, Colorado, with his wife and two children.

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Joe Thomas, NFL Hall of Famer

I thank Peter not becuase of what he did for me contractually, but because of the best friend he was and the guidence he gave me. Our relationship was strong as rock, and allowed me to be the best on the field.
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